10 Creative “Gifts” that cost little or no money for your bride

Some of these are for specific gift giving times and some are to show love to your wife for no added reason than she is your wife. Perhaps make a copy of these suggestions to expand and make them fit your personality or your wife’s interests.

So here is a list from 10 – 1 where 1 is the most important to your marriage.

# 10 – Something she has asked for you to do for her.

Yes is costs no money but it is number 10 because she had to ask for you to do it. Think back a bit. What has she asked you to do either for her or something you need to get done?
When she asks you to do something in the future, log it into your special spot on your phone or computer. Then be sure you watch for opportunities to do that task before she brings it up again.

# 9 – Buy her 12 stuffed animals and give her one each month with a special hand written note.

As a bonus you might list them as 1 of 12; 2 of 12 and so on. It builds the excitement.
Find creative ways to give these to her. a few ideas: in her car; on your bed; in the kitchen; in her chair; at her special seat in church.

# 8 – Make her a “Queen For A Day” kit.

At some bridal stores or fancy dress shops, you might find a slightly damaged tiara and matching purse to start her wardrobe. Hand craft a matching wand and if possible even a discounted dress for her.
This idea is to take her back to childhood and “dress up” times. Most little girls enjoy playing “princess”. So you give your wife permission to have this pleasurable pleasure. You may notice I mentioned for you to call her Queen and not princess. She is the queen of your castle. Be silly and have fun!

# 7 -Take her someplace that is special to her.

Most women enjoy certain live shows at the holiday season which men find tedious at best. SO? This list is for her. Put yourself out a bit and do something that lets her know how special she is to you. Oh, and please don’t fuss or complain about the show or the plot line.

# 6 – Even cheaper than taking her to a show someplace is to have a marathon of “chick flicks” at home.

Rent a bunch of films she will enjoy settling down with you on the couch for a night or two. Make her some hot chocolate and popcorn or whatever she likes for a snack and tell her it is just the two of you.
This one ranks above # 7 because you are doing a bit more work. If done right, this one could generate a lot of “hubby points” for years to come.

# 5 – Build her something “silly”.

Create a hand crafted bead necklace and matching bracelet. This could be as simple as finding some cheap beads at a craft store and string them for her. Place them in a gift box you purchase at the same type of store and gift wrap it for her.
As you plan this gift, if there are specific colors she likes or if some particular colors have a meaning for you two then employ those in the piece of jewelry.

# 4 – Craft a special photo album with various memories of your marriage thus far.

Do you have pics from your family or vacation trips? How about your honeymoon or even some from your dating adventures?
A slight twist on this is to make a photo album from copies of childhood photos for you two. One year my mom gave me an album from her pictures through the years. She went so far as to make copies of her childhood memories and some from my grandparents childhood.

# 3 – Women like coupons. So you make her some coupons that she collects from you!

These can range from the tame to the racy depending on how open your wife is to new ideas.
At the very least create some coupons about romantic gestures you are willing to perform for her:
 back rub;
 massage her feet or hands;
 a photo shoot with just you or with your children;
 cook dinner (yes this is romantic to many wives);
 prepare her a bath;
 a special trip for you two;
 a shopping trip with all positive pre-comments as well as during the trip;
 sweep her away time where you have money set aside and the time off secured that when she wants to redeem this coupon, you set it in motion and whisk her away to a hotel or bed and breakfast she would enjoy;
 an all over massage;
 a special night devoted exclusively to her pleasure (be as graphic or tame as your wife needs).

So use your imagination a bit and come up with a few of your own specialized coupons.

# 2 – A creative poem, story or a song.

Some people are very skilled at these disciplines.Even if you are not so blessed, you can have someone create a special song , story or poem for you based on your ideas. Your wife will appreciate the extent of your thoughtfulness.

So begin back early in your dating to form some thoughts and bring those concepts forward as you progress down memory lane. Find a place to form your own secretive “diary” as you amass those personal gems.

# 1 – Gift you can give is your time.

I know that all of these gifts will take your time but this gift is the TIME itself. Sure you have to work at your job and sleep, but after these two practical essentials, there is still a lot of your day to give. There is generally 6 – 8 hours left each d ay to do what you want to do. If you have kids still at home, they will require a lot of your time and that is great.

To be creative with this one, make her a gift card like it is some very expensive item. Doll it up and put stick on hearts on it (get these at the dollar type stores or card section of a store) and jot down a short love to her.
Make a “coupon” for the specific amount of time or if it is a weekly offer then list that in there.
Have fun with it and watch to see if she does not keep your card in her special hide-a-way section of her dresser or desk!

This is time invested into your marriage. But have you really noticed how much or how little of your time you give to your bride? Really take not of how much you invest in her.

Chose to do one or more of the following time investors for her this month:

• Run an errand or two she has on her “to-do” list
• Clean some room or rooms of the house (no husband has ever been shoot by his wife for doing the dishes!)
• Be sure YOUR stuff is not causing her to do extra work
• Take her car and get it cleaned, inside and out and fill up the gas tank
• Do some extra chore around the house that she normally does but you know it is a job for her and not a fun activity
• If you have kids, take them out for a while so your wife can enjoy the peace and quiet
• Take her on a spontaneous date that is local and where you can spend time just talking with her.

As a wrap-up to this list, let me share some tips for harvesting more “hubby points” for you.

a. Take note of which of these events your wife tells her friends and relatives about. How does she speak about these particular ideas to her friends?
b. Keep a running “do these again” form that helps you reinvest these special times with her for years to come.
c. Design your own special gifts along the lines of these ones I mention.

Hey, we all need help in some areas of our life. I am looking to coach four more husbands before January 31, 2015. I can give you a few general suggestions but it would be a pleasure helping you reach new heights with your bride and help you have more intimate times with your wife.

As in all my suggestions, send me an email at PepUpYourMarriage@hotmail.com and put in the subject line that you would like some extra help with gift giving. Inside, tell me a little about yourself and your wife so I can tailor your gifts to the two of you.

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Jerry Stumpf

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