16 Ways to Experience Non-sexual Touching

Has it come to your mind that many of your marriage problems, occur due to a lack of physical affection?

That is correct, marriage problems stem from not providing what your spouse needs.

God has wired your wife that she cherishes continuous dedicated bursts of kindness.

She craves attention through her husband’s affection.love wallpapers

 Hey gentlemen, have noticed how often she seeks out your kisses?

Kissing is certainly one form of communication in Marriage.

Log this in your “marriage tips” space today.

As a husband, you can overcome a lot of your marriage problems by being more affectionate!

Does she like hugs? It is not a “showy” expression on her part to desire kisses and hugs.

She wants to reaffirm her emotional connections with her husband.

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For a woman, affection is like comfortable “glue” that holds the marriage together.

In the marriage seminars, and in our marriage coaching (marriage counseling) the attending wives often speak about “non-sexual touching.”
When husbands hear this phrase for the first time, they scrunch their face and look at their wife with a quizzical expression.
This phrase seems foreign to most men, non-sexual . . . touching?
Most of the husbands will remark in some fashion, “How do you touch intimately that is not sexually arousing?” So, I say to the husbands, “Ask your wife what she means by non-sexual touching.” This generates new territory for these marriages to grow in an area they had not previously explored.

These wives have generated a list of suggestions, which are noted here.

To help your relationship become closer make some time after highlighting this list, to ask your wife if she agrees.

(By the way, some of these suggestions are not exactly physical touching, but since our seminar wives listed them as such, they are listed here :
  • Holding hands while driving, walking or sitting together, anywhere.
  • Touching her arm, shoulder, or neck at anytime and often.
  • Hugs whenever they come into close proximity or because he chose to go and give her a hug, “just to affirm he cares about her!”
  • Making her a meal and serving it to her while she relaxes.
  • Bringing her a gift when it is not a special day such as an anniversary, birthday, and so on: flowers, a greeting card to say he was thinking of her, her favorite candy or treat (one husband brings his wife her favorite coffee every so often).
  • A text or a phone call to say “I am thinking about you.” This is especially good if he is going to be late or if he stops at a store and asks if she needs something while he is there?
  • A shoulder massage or rubbing a special sore spot, brought on by her particular type of work.
  • Taking care of the children so she has some “time alone” to unwind.
  • Taking a walk together (this is a good time to hold her hand).


What would your wife add to this list? Be sure to make a written note of her thoughts.

Any husband can learn to be romantic no matter his situation or emotional disposition in life at the moment.
This physical attention will continually affirm that her husband enjoys reconnecting with her in a non-sexual fashion.
Keep in mind that the purpose of these gestures is to tell your wife very clearly that you are happy that she is your bride.
She longs for this affection. Artful affection shows your wife that you are delighted to be her husband.

Here Are Some “Real” Non-sexual Gestures:

  • Pick up the dirty laundry, and then wash and dry them?
  • Make sure the toilet seat is lowered. Men are notorious for this one. Ensure that your wife can’t say that.
  • Take out the trash. Also, on the correct day, take the cans out to the curb and retrieve them upon arriving home.
  • Are there children in diapers? Change those things as often as they need to be changed. It does not make a husband less of a man to change stinky diapers!
  • Look for jobs around the house that the wife normally gets stuck doing to help her out a bit.
  • The Husband’s Handbook does not give any husband the right to make his wife do every job around the house. (Psssst – there is no Husbands Handbook! – maybe that could be the name for this book. Hmmm.)

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Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage – The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

 Your friend and coach — Jerry Stumpf

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