33 stimulating questions to tighten your marriage

Questions are a gateway to powerful information exchange between a husband and wife.

The right questions can open tons of useful dialogue where you two learn much greater details about each other.

Use these questions that target specific areas for your marriage.


You will notice some patterns to them but they can be rearranged however you deem necessary.

1 – What 3 compliments do you enjoy hearing from me?

2 – What are 3 characteristics you use to describe me, when talking to your friends?

3 – What makes you cheer up?

4 – What do you think I take for granted about us?

5 – What do I say that puts a smile on you?

6 – How can we show one another more respect?

7 – What do you most admire about me?

8 – What did you always want to do with your life? What stopped you from doing it?

9 – Are we so committed to other stuff that we are not committed enough to each other?

10 – What do you think we should do about being so busy?

11 – How would you say our marriage is well grounded?

12 – If we were to choose another couple to be our mentors, who would you pick?

13 – If we were to mentor another couple, who would that couple be?

14 – As far as limits go, what are a few boundaries we should always have for our marriage?

15 – How do you feel changing our spending habits could affect our finances?

16 – How do you think we should be more open about our finances?

17 – If you were given a huge sum of money, what would you do with it?

18 – When do you think we could honestly retire?

19 – What would you do differently if you could retire early?

20 – What is non-sexual touching to you?

21 – What is foreplay to you?

22 – Is there some interesting forms of foreplay you wish we could do soon?

23 – Tell me about a few types of foreplay you would like us to enjoy.

24  – Tell me what you like most about my body.

25 – Describe what a sexual date weekend would be like? Where to go. What we would do. How long would it last?

26 – Just for fun, let me ask you if you would rather make love in the back seat of our car or on top of a mountain? How come?

27 -Which would you prefer I licked off you; chocolate syrup, peanut butter, whipped cream, or honey?

28 -What has been your favorite memory from our lovemaking fun?

29 – What makes that time such a good memory for you?

30 – What are you willing to experiment with or to try doing differently in our sex life?

31 – What attracts you to me physically?

32 – Name three rooms in our house where you want to make love in the next 30 days.

33 – What is your favorite sexual position? Why?

Use these questions in any manner you believe will promote your together time. If you enjoy regular date nights, then share a few at those times.

Just have fun with them and enjoy being with each other.


Here are more questions to heat up your sexual arena together!

Sizzling Questions to heat up your marriage! 


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  • MarriednNaked

    Fun questions to ask on the next date night 🙂 Thank you!

  • So glad they will help you!

    Pass them along!

  • theromanticvineyard

    Love these, Jerry. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such helpful questions.

  • Thank you for your kindness!

    I enjoy creating questions for couples, Married, Re-married, Pre-married.
    The couple can use these for many events – date nights, driving together, walking while they are at rest, etc.
    For us working with couples, it allow us to dig into their minds a bit and help them relate to each other.