4 delightful FREE insider secrets, every husband should employ

Husbands, this post is to increase your “hero status” in your wife’s eyes 10 fold.

Apply these 4  – no sweat, straightforward tasks, to eliminate a ton of your marriage problems which might be haunting your relationship.


I share these so your wife will essentially quiver from your authentic romance and be eagerly attracted to you.

Not to mention how much she will be ridiculously curious, likenever before.

Keep uppermost in your thinking that your wife has a huge capacity for love, far beyond what you can fathom.

No matter how wonderful your marriage is today, you can cultivate more “points” as her hero by doing these very easy, simple tasks  – – – – –   with your bride’s heart in mind.


Check out these 4 powerful points to build incredible delight for your wife –

Try them before you judge them as insignificant – TRUST ME!


1 – To become a incredibly perceptive husband, listen to her like no man in history ever has, focus on her words.

Focus on her information, and don’t day dream whether she needs correction or suggestions.

Your wife talks for a different reason than you. She uses speech as a method to tap deep into her soul.

You probably use speech to get your ideas across to another guy, right? Not so how women use their conversations.

Here’s your action step to let her know how much you love being with her.  Fix her favorite beverage in the evening, leave your phone alone. Sit with her and ask her some lively, interesting questions about her day.  Then exclusively tune in to her words and even how she structures her sentences.

The important part is that you focus in on her, her words and thoughts being expressed to you!


2 – Look around your home and do one new chore this week that she normally does, without her asking you to do it.

Earn extra points and don’t say anything to her about doing the job, or how great you did that job.

Hey I men it! Jump into the work and know that you did your best as her husband.

Next, look for some task that needs to be done, which you or your wife have been planning to do, but you  have not gotten to yet.

For instance, most wives HATE to see dust on furniture or shelves. Or the toilets need a quick swishing out or cleaned. When she is not home, do the self-imposed work and let your effort speak for itself.

Believe me, after a while she will take notice that something has changed, and ask if you did these tasks, and of course that is the time to say “yes” but in a casual sort of way, “I just wanted to help a bit more around the house.”

Your efforts will pay BIG dividends!


3 – Give her non-sexual affection — – just because you want to show her gentle, physical kindness.

Your wife loves for you to show her active warmth, that comes from your heart.

If she has ever said when you kissed her, “Hey I need another one!” That indicates how much she get pleasure from your lips on hers.

A few direct examples of engaging affections are :

Holding her hand in the car, at church or your kids school function.

Next give her some pleasurable, lingering kisses, simply  because you want to show her that you like being near her.

Add to this point, several loving hugs each day, that last longer than how you greet family members.

Your wife will really appreciate the extra affection lavished upon her.

4 – If you want more fulfilling sex with her, then set the stage a day or two beforehand.

Yes I finally got to the juicy part of this post – sex!

Please heed my caution for you. If you generously lavish her with the above three concepts, with no sexual agenda attached, she will be primed for this point.

However, if you skip to this try this point first and have not been liberal with the affection in your marriage, she naturally craves, your actions may come across as being underhanded, devious or crude.

So, if you skipped the first 3 ideas above, STOP, go back study and apply them to your home life!

Trust me on this one, she will truly appreciate you for your warmth and authentic chivalry before you push her towards the bedroom.

No matter how independent your wife is, she enjoys being treated like a lady, especially by her man!

Here are a few juicy tips to increase the heat in your sexual preparation.

  • Send her a text which says how much you love her and would marry her again in a heartbeat

  • Text her several times that you appreciate _________ about her; as your wife, mom to your kids, how she treats other people, etc. Just reach out and touch her with authentic kindness.

  • Place a message (with erasable marker)on your bedroom mirror that “HINTS” at the sex you two will enjoy tomorrow night. Warm her up with gentleness. You could even write out four or five words of a larger sentence and add a word or two every so often.

  • If you really want to do it up right, hand write a love note to her, a couple of days before a special night of hot sex! Be as graphic as you need to but keep your wife’s preferences in mind. If she is timid about anatomy, don’t be so graphic describing how and where you will touch, stroke or caress her body.

  • If you can plan it out, make a special date night  out of a few days away and if possible, arrange a sitter for the kids. If you can arrange a free night for you two, text her, and jot a note to her which describes the night of pleasurable enjoyment. Just keep her desires in mind as you share your thoughts with her. In every note, text or mirror sentence, make this experience about HER and HER PLEASURE!

  • If you want some erotic ideas for creative – rocking times, email me your requests, as I have a huge arsenal of ides for lovers! Wives can as well!


If you need some additional ideas or help with specific techniques (and it’s no big deal, since all men at one time need help) you can simply email me & I will share some spicy ideas to have her writhing in orgasmic ecstasy.

One important note about technique though, always make your lovemaking about HER PLEASURE FIRST, and your climax second.

Secondly, listen attentively to her body: your wife’s moans; groans; hisses; “yeses!; “right there!”; etc.

These expressions of mysterious passionate elation, will tell you more about how to turn her on and as her to a wonderful orgasm for her than any magazine or post you can read.

Be attentive to her sexual arousal and you will learn most of what you need to learn to have a very satisfied woman!

Respond to your wife every moment you two are emotionally and physically connected, before foreplay starts and while you engage in playful caresses and especially while you two are making love.

Be aware of her movements and her delicious responses as you touch her body and her soul.

Stay “present” at all times during your lovemaking sessions.

This will ensure you are entirely responsive to her body.

Focus on her needs as well as what her body is saying. As you touch her certain ways, how does she react?

Be aware when she sighs or emits some low moan when you stroke or touch her in specific places. If she draws back or says a negative remark, stop doing that action.

Make mental notes about these touches, yet understand that a stroke on the inside of her elbow creae tonight may generate a nice sigh and the next rendevous may have her not enjoying that same touch.

Your wife changes what stimulates her, ALL THE TIME.

It is not you or your pace, it is her body. Your wife can change every time you touch a specific spot her body.


This post is to help you become the husband you want to be, the adorable husband your wife married…..  in her mind.

It is not intended to be critical in any fashion or to sound as if I am intruding into your private life.


We discovered women enjoy being treated as a special lady.  This is even more accurate when this courteous treatment comes from her husband.

I am not an expert on your wife,  yet as a couple, we have coached enough women to know some methods for you to become the best husband possible for your wife.

This post has 4 suggestions for you to constantly invigorate your intimate relationship.

There are MANY more ideas to learn if you are open to developing.

Have a wonderful marriage!

Psssst – The next post is  – What Sex Means to your husband – STAY tuned and come back to read it!


Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage – The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

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