5 pleasurable ways to show your wife she rocks!

Early on in our marriage, I set out on a life-long trek to show my wife something wonderful she did not know at the time. I saw her with a different set of eyes than anyone else in the world.

She truly did not understand why I wanted to marry her. That concept blew me away when it actually hit home in my heart. I was instantly struck with so many of her wonderful personality traits when we first met. The longer we dated and then into the first years of our marriage I discovered a genuine good person who did not see   that goodness in herself. That amazed and bothered me. So I made it my aim to treat her like a queen, until she could see what I saw in her. Elaine says she is not sure what her life would be like without me yet I feel as the fully blessed one. Husbands you can have a profound impact on the self image of your wife.

Here are five easy to apply, suggestions for your wife. These actions show how much you care for her.

1 – The most immediate set of actions you can do for your wife is to pay exceptional attention to her.

Yes I know, that sounds crazy but your wife craves authentic tenderness. This is not just how you touch her physically.

Tenderness means that you are generous in your speech as well. Any way that says to her “You are special to me!” will be appreciated.

Certainly knowing her quirks and what makes her wonderfully peculiar are important when they come from her husband.

She is unique so treat her in this fashion.

2 – Speak to her in her love language.

What is her “Love Language”? If you are not sure then get a copy of “The five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and study it with her in mind.

I will give you a  warning though. Your wife may not line up precisely as presented in the book.

My wife’s language is not physical touch according to the book.  I noticed that she enjoys a lot of non-sexual touching – holding her hand, hugging her and talking with the TV turned off.

More about this in # 4.

3 – Find special ways to show her that she occupies a special place in your heart every day.

Romance is doing little gestures of kindness with your wife in mind. These kind acts touch your wife’s heart strings.

Find small methods to show your bride that she is on your mind.

What is her favorite candy bar or fruit snack? Get her a few of them and over the next few days leave one out for her with a special sticky note that says something about her individual nature.

If she likes flowers, stop and purchase a bouquet to show her she was on your mind during your drive home.

What is it about her that makes her so precious to you? Tell her! Show her in as many unique ways as possible.

4 – Show her genuine affection in a manner that appeals to her.

Women often appreciate spontaneous contacts which are non-sexual in nature.

She may enjoy having her neck or back massaged especially after a tough day. If she is on her feet a lot massage them for her.

Hold her hand whenever it is available like in the car, at a restaurant or even in church. Reach over and place a hand on her arm to let her know of your presence and that you are glad to be with your bride.

Notice any reaction by her when she is touched and do those small actions she really enjoys. When you are walking together, hold your arm around her waist.

5 – Kiss her more often than feels comfortable to you or at least kiss her more often than you think she will feel comfortable.

Many women thrive on being kissed a lot. So find new times of the day to kiss her besides the typical greet and leave peck.

My wife enjoys kisses even when we pass each other in the house when we have been there all day.

How about your wife? Does she really like to be kissed by you?

My wife Elaine never seems to get too many from me.  Perhaps I still do not kiss her enough for her liking even though I try to give her kisses when she least expects them.

Tonight when she returned home from work, I kissed her three times and felt good about that until I pulled away a bit and her lips were still puckered for some more!

Try this one some time on your wife.

When leaving your wife’s presence. After kissing her and then walking a few steps away, turn and go back for one more, longer than usual, kiss!

When she asks, “What was that for?” just tell her it was because you enjoy her lips, or say something else appropriate about her.

These are just five quick and easy ways you can help your wife feel loved and appreciated by you.

Keep coming back to our site to find more juicy ideas so you can truly romance the woman of your dreams.

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage! — Jerry

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Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor. Jerry & Elaine host educational, actionable, & interactive marriage seminars which equip attendees with many "tools" which captivate each other in deeper conversations. Jerry has been married forty three years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Their greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open transparent communication, with their gentle interactive guidance.

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