7 Personal Gifts every husband can give his wife!

787e41bbe128e4422a726ff9_1920Giving a gift is often a bit tedious, right? To get that special gift or perhaps even to get any gift for your wife.

This list is about giving some special items for your wife all year long.

Look through the list and see how well you are doing already. If you need to adjust your activities a bit then do so. Your wife will be extremely glad you did. Consider reviewing this list monthly. You could at least divide them to do every two months.

So here is a list of 7 pointers to make your gift giving complete.

1 – Give her the gift of verbal love.

That’s correct. Tell her you love her. NO not the ordinary ways. Find some creative ways and times to tell your wife those hotly desired words, “I LOVE YOU!”

Many husbands feel they need to give the minimum when it comes to telling their wife these magical words. These words are magical to her. Hey, have you ever noticed how often a woman, or young girl uses this word, “love”?

You should need no other nudge other than this that she “loves” (sorry couldn’t resist!) this word. If you say it with authentic meaning, you will gain extra credit. If you do find the ways to creatively tell your wife, say, 50 times a day that you love her, then you will receive extra credit from her.

2. Hug her for no other reason than you just want to give her a warm comforting squeeze.

Search for quiet moments when you can approach her and hug her. No special reason, you just want to give her a hug. This is not to get physical with her it is to fill her emotional bank a bit more.

3. Kiss her often and in many different ways.

Make a game out of this one and try to see how many different places you can kiss her at separate times.

In this one think: neck, ears, every part of her lips, her nose, her chin, ?????

If she asks “What are you doing?” tell her that you just enjoy her skin and do not progress southward. The reason for this foray is to lavish her with physical kindness with no sexual intentions on your part

4.Give her the gift of an attentive ear.

So let her know that this is something you would like to do for her. say to her,          “I would really like to hear how your day went.” – and then do just that — LISTEN!

If she has something that is troubling her, ask her to share with you what is bothering her. Warning though: do not try to make a list of the items she mentions wanting to give her fourteen suggestions, or even one for that matter!

5. The gift of specific acts of kindness.

If you live in a colder climate, start her car and clean the windows.

Does she enjoy coffee or tea in the morning? Then brew her a cup and fix it as she likes it.

Does she take a shower in the morning? The be sure her towel is heated when  she exits the tub.

What does she like which no one else but you can get for her or do for her?

6 . Give her a massage  – – –  or three.

This could be of her feet, her hands or an all over back rub.

If done correctly, she will feel very relaxed when you finish.

The reason as stated in other “gifts” is not to get to sex, but rather to serve your wife like no other person on the planet can. This list of gifts is to serve your bride generously.

 7. Hand-write a short note on a rock or piece of wood to your wife. Be creative and use

one of these ideas or craft one of your own to tell a story of how you cherish her.

Tell her how much you love her and you would marry her all over again.

If you have a favorite song, place the title or lyrics on the stone or wood.

If a certain town is special to you, see if you can find a souvenir from there which can be adapted to the custom piece.

 By the way, I know this one will take more time than you have for this holiday season. But I really wanted to include it. You could give her an empty box that has a note inside that says “A special hand-made gift is on its way and will be worth the wait!” Then wrap the box like any other gift. Perhaps make the note special as well?

Look, there are many other ways you can serve your wife and not simply with only these 7 ideas. Get your creative juices flowing and find creative gifts that show her how special she is to you.

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