7 Captivating Pleasurable Ingredients to Create An Awesome Marriage

Save your marriage with simple, gentle daily habits.



Creating a happy, loving, romantic relationship is comprised of small kind gestures, daily applied to your husband or wife.


Go through this list and implement any areas you lack. Print out and share this list with your lover:

1- Listen more than you talk.

It is easy to want to get our point across.

Our spouse also needs time to share their thoughts, especially if they are the quieter one.

Actually, if you are the more talkative spouse, you may need to ask some leading or open-ended questions to stimulate the conversation.

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2 – Several times daily, tell your spouse, “I love You” and added bonus would be to tell him/her, “I married the right person”.

As a wife, change this a bit and tell your husband, “I really appreciate ______ about you!”

Words reach deep into your spouse’s heart.

Men and women distinguish words nearly opposite from each other.

Men seek respect, appreciation and approval for their achievements.

Women seek relational enjoyment and emotional closeness. So speaking to each other’s heart message can be quite unique.

3 – Invest alone time in your marriage.  

Carve out specific time alone with your spouse in quality conversation.

Dig deeper than the typical “How was your day?” conversations. Get to genuine values you each hold to make your marriage the very best it can be.

Do you remember your dating conversations? They were filled with dreams, ideals and laughter.

Capture those pleasurable moments and make new memories for your future.

4 – Show your love and dedication by doing little jobs around the house you know your spouse appreciates.

Are there “his and her jobs” around your house? If so, determine to do one of your spouse’s “jobs” without any fanfare.

Our roles changed a few months ago as my wife still works outside the house and I retired from my two jobs,

Since I am home the greater part of the day, I do a fair amount of the “house chores”: laundry, folding and putting away the clothes; the dish washer (she normally fills it and starts it, and I try to empty it); and I cook supper, nothing exotic.

There are other jobs I do less often but I really try to help out more now that I am available more often.

5 – Compliment often; criticize seldom; smile and laugh a lot. Humor bonds two hearts together.

Find sincere areas of your life-partner’s life to hold up as qualities which make them special to you.

Make sharing these thoughts special.

Jot them in a sticky note or use an erasable marker and write a special point you appreciate about them on a mirror.

6 – Be honest about your feelings.

However, sometimes you see that your spouse did not mean any harm to even if a comment stung a bit. If the time is right, share your problem. If it is really something small, and a onetime event, let it go.
Do not wear your feelings on your shirt sleeve so to speak. Becoming easily angry over any small comment can maintain a tense household.

When something is repeated which bothers you, try this to resolve the issue:

Write down as best you remember his/her words that cut you. Then look over your thoughts and try to generate a different way to express this same basic concept.

Only when the time is right, bring out your paper and share your pain in a clinical fashion, not in attack mode. Set the stage for comfortable dialogue.

Start the conversation off in a soft, gentle tone. You could say something like, “The other day I felt hurt by a statement you made and I don’t think you meant it that way.

Can we talk about it a bit? I really want to share what is bothering me.”

Of course, you should pick your words so that you are sharing your heart and not being aggressive.

7 – Don’t expect all the changes in your marriage to be done by your spouse.

Marriage is a life time of give and take encounters between two people.

As a couple who have spend more than four decades together, I can assure you we changed since those two persons stood at the altar and committed our lives to each other.

We did not know what we would do, where we would go nor how blessed we would become with each other.

Yet we are closer today than ever since we each try to meet the other person’s needs.

We have shared with other couples our individual personal growth. It was never because Elaine or I made demands on the other.

We saw an area we personally should change and endeavored to become a better person for the other person.

Marriage is a process. What you are as a couple in 20 years will depend on decisions you make today.

Choose to love and cherish each other. This leads to more fun and a wonderful life with great memories instead of a past littered with garbage.

Scatter these 7 daily habits in your marriage and you will see change happening within each of you.




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Always Look For The Best In Your Marriage!
— Jerry Stumpf your Marriage Coach

Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor. Jerry & Elaine host educational, actionable, & interactive marriage seminars which equip attendees with many "tools" which captivate each other in deeper conversations. Jerry has been married forty three years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Their greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open transparent communication, with their gentle interactive guidance.

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