7 Special Questions A Couple Should Ask Each Other – To Improve Their Marriage

love wallpapersHow to create your dream marriage. It is possible you know!

You and your wife have a vision for what a great marriage looks like in your own minds so what’s the problem?

Perhaps you are not on the same page conversationally. 

The trouble is for many couples reality seems far off as life happens every day.  Craft your marriage how you want it to be.

A great marriage happens one day at a time so make today the best possible.

Sometimes you might feel like two people in a tug-o-war pulling in the opposite direction working against each other and not getting anything done.


However, the reality is a great marriage is not difficult to figure out, it just becomes difficult to pursue if you have no direction.

First you have to have a believable plan to harness your two individual ideas and get them going in the same direction.

Here are some communication starters for a date night or some relaxed chat session just between you two.

You might want to share with your wife that you have some fun questions to ask her this week or if it seems more appropriate

for your relationship, print out two lists and give one to your wife beforehand so she can begin to form some ideas.

The important part of this process is whatever works for you two, you need to get your selves pulling

in the right direction to create your dream marriage no matter the problems that exist presently between you.

So each of you take turns answering these questions.

Make sure one of you jots down some notes to form a workable plan moving forward.

It might take a couple of times to work through these questions however, you will find that when you focus on making your marriage a huge priority, your relationship will improve quicker and you two will have more fun!

Here are seven questions to ask each other to create your dream relationship:

1.  Just what does a dream marriage or a great marriage look like to you?

2. What are three blind spots we have not tried to work on so far in our marriage which need to be handled so we can go to the next level?

3. Which one of these typical problems in marriages in general do you think we need to work on the most:

    Finances; Romance; Affection; Sexual Fulfillment; Honesty and Openness; Respect and Admiration; ???

4. What one habit do I have which you wish I got rid of for you?

5. Can you think of three or four special dates we could take this year that we have not done so far in our marriage?

     An alternative question might be “A neat date I would like to take this year is …”

6.  Each one take turns and be gentle with your spouse – What can I do better where you see I might be hindering our growth or keeping us from progressing like we should be in our marriage?

7. How can we date more often, perhaps even once a week to really work on making our marriage the best it can become?

These are simply fun creative conversation starters. They can prove to be effective in moving your marriage in the direction you both want your bond to go.

A marriage is fluid. It is not static. It is a “work in progress” for the rest of your life so make it what you two want it to be!

Let us know how it turns out or what other questions might help some of our other readers.

Keep the comments flowing!

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage –

as The Best Is Yet To Be!!! 

Jerry Stumpf

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