8 FREE Magnetic Questions to captivate your husband!

couple-on-the-beach-him-knelingAs a husband, I appreciate being told I am handsome  – by my bride.

Even after 42 years together she still believes that this 5’6″ tall man is handsome!

So glad she wears those rose colored glasses!

She awakens the man in me,  when all the world (and advertising) shouts the opposite.

So why blog,  write a book,  publish a newsletter (you can sign up for easily next to this post) and Tweet about marriage improvement and enrichment?

Because my wife is the most awesome cheer-leader a husband could ask for.

Our passion is to develop the same kind of relationship in hundreds of marriages.

When we husband’s feel like our wife is totally on our side, we would run through walls, if needed, to provide, protect and nourish our sweet bride and our family!

Ladies he does not need your love nearly as much as he craves your respect and admiration.

Don’t believe me?


Ask him tonight which he would rather have from you, your love or your admiration and appreciate for who he is to you.



Then ask him how he wants you to show him that response this next week at least four ways.

You are touching his masculine heart. Watch out walls!

If this opens a door for your genuine intimate conversation, come on over and follow me as well.

I hope this post generates some fantastic insights for you to get deep into your husband’s heart.


Ask your husband a few targeted questions:

1 – Honey, what are four ways I can show you, this week, how much I admire you?

2 – What are three of your goals or life dreams that I can help you accomplish?

3 – Is there any habit I do which irritates you, even a little bit?

4 – What do you wish I would help you accomplish more often?

5 – What 2 great places would you like to travel to in the next five years?

6 – If you could spend two weeks doing something exciting, just the two of us, what would that be?

7 – If you started your own business or designed your own app, what would it look like?

8 – Whose one person you would to have a conversation with? And why would you like to talk to him?

So ladies, just like you want your husband to continually affirm his love to you,  he needs to be affirmed that you still think he is your stud!

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Always Expect The Best In Your Marriage – as The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

Your friend  — Jerry Stumpf 

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