9 friends posts to enrich your life & marriage

young-72168__180Here is a list of posts that will enrich your marriage by some bloggers I follow

Do you know what Groupon is or how to use it in your marriage dating?  Check it out!

What can you say in 4 words? Check out this post: Good advice in 4 words 

Jay Dee does a good job in between being a worker, a dad and a husband. Here’s just one example:Is Sex A Want Or a Need

 Want to make gluten free biscuits? Check it out : Gluten Free Biscuits 

We are a bit biased about Paul & Lori. This couple has been helping married couples for many years.

There are a lot of good suggestions for your marriage on any of these three sites.

Paul & his wife Lori do and excellent job on many articles at The Generous Husband   The Generous Wife    and The XYCode

 Here is a new site for me.    Ruth Buezis is the author and she has some interesting posts. This one entitled “The Kids are watching” is not about an unlocked door!   

If you haven’t looked at this site about the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, then please do yourself a favor and check out the great sites! Click the button

Each time I go through this list of members, a new one pops up & I find a new comrade in arms who is strengthening marriages.


OK so this is not actually a “post” but Caryn is a wonderful host for her radio show. I had the privilege to be on her show and she was very gracious.

If you would like to “get noticed” – contact Caryn.   She has a blog and a newspaper of sorts to look through.

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage —

as The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

– –  Jerry Stumpf

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Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor. Jerry & Elaine host educational, actionable, & interactive marriage seminars which equip attendees with many "tools" which captivate each other in deeper conversations. Jerry has been married forty three years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Their greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open transparent communication, with their gentle interactive guidance.

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