A little help picking a title please

If you were to study a program to pep up your marriage, which one of these title would you like the best?

Leave me some comments below in the comments section:

# 1  – 911 for Husbands to improve your marriage in 12 weeks

# 2  – Twelve Weeks of Easy Action Steps to Marital happiness for husbands

# 3 – 90 days to a better marriage

       # 4 –  What would you call a 12 week step by step program that would make your marriage better ?

Thank you for your help. This course should be ready to roll out just before Valentines Day.

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As always, thank you for your support. Some folks have already left me a request for the Beta version!

I need to give away several copies to get accurate feedback, so please go there and say you want to receive your free copy!

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage  – The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

Your Friend and Coach — Jerry


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  • Hi,I’m not a husband, but I can’t resist giving my opinion, anyway…

    #1 sounds a bit clumsily-phrased – the 911 bit is good, but is it only for marriages in serious trouble or to make a good marriage better as well?

    #2 a bit boring and samey, but OK.

    #3 Much more punchy, but doesn’t target husbands specifically.

    #4 None of these makes it clear whether your focus is on making HIM happier with what he’s got, or whether you’re teaching him to please HER. You could choose something like:

    12 Weeks to Become the Husband She’s Always Wanted
    12 Weeks to be the Husband of Her Dreams
    12 Weeks to be a Superhero Husband

    but my personal choice would be:

    Husband to Hero in 12 Easy Steps

    because it’s short, alliterative, gives a good visual image of a Superman-type logo/character, and Clark Kent -to- Superman connotations are appropriate.

    Good luck with the course!

  • Emily,

    You see that’s why I put it out there!

    Great ideas.

    Thank you so much