Growing apart? Stop it dead in its tracks!

Learn effective steps to restore the zing in your relationship starting today!

Today can be the start of the wonderful intimacy you craved when you were first married.



Your marriage does not have to end in disaster.

Your intimacy can be restored if Read more ›

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Local 2 Hour FREE Marriage Workshop

Learn to pleasurably Overcome Marriage Problems –  in YOUR marriage.

This initial information workshop, will be 2 hours – a most enjoyable experience.

We can help your marriage as we have helped tons of couples before you.

If all you do is attend the 2 hour, local workshop, you will learn:

1 – The 7 top reasons couples engage each other and jump onto the crazy cycle merry-go-round, that sucks happiness, joy and pleasure from your marriage.

2 – You will receive a notebook chock full of helpful notes to springboard your marriage bond, no matter what.

3 – You will LAUGH, be touched with heart rending emotions and have a different view of your marriage, no matter how long you have been together!

4 – Your questions will be covered, either in the 2 hour sessions or through a Q & A session after the power point presentations.

5 – This not marriage counseling. You will not be interrogated, questioned or made to feel publicly uncomfortable in any way.

If what we cover reveals that you need more support for your marriage, then be the first to sign up for the monthly sessions.

You see this is FREE!  So what is the CATCH????

We are forming a “marriage tips class” to meet together (locally in western PA and a separate group class online, private webinar based) to craft the best marriage possible for you.

So the 2 hour presentation has this end in mind; that we want to determine how many couples are eager to ratchet their marriage up to the next level.

To discover when the live workshop will be held in your local area, enter your name and email address then click the link below!

The introduction affords you the opportunity to meet Jerry & Elaine Stumpf, to see if their training and coaching is a good fit for you.

Are you willing to make the sacrifice of a couple of hours of your precious time, to have fun, lean some new methods for improving your relationship and see what the ongoing classes will involve?

We are looking for couples who SINCERELY want to make their marriage the very best possible.

YOU will NOT be asked embarrassing questions.

You do NOT have to say anything or comment in any way to be present.

 So you have a better idea of what goes on in our monthly group sessions;

we will give you a list of topics to be discussed.


You hosts, Jerry & Elaine Stumpf has been married 43 years. They conducted seminars/workshops in several states over the past 11+ years.

He and his wife, Elaine have coached hundreds of couples in pre-marriage and on going marriage sessions.

They are well qualified to take your marriage from OK to GREAT and from Good to GREAT!

Sign up for this interactive, FUN and informative – – FREE 2 hour workshop below!

Enter your email address and first name to receive information about an enjoyable, pleasure rich workshop, near you.

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4 delightful FREE insider secrets, every husband should employ

Husbands, this post is to increase your “hero status” in your wife’s eyes 10 fold.

Apply these 4  – no sweat, straightforward tasks, to eliminate a ton of your marriage problems which might be haunting your relationship.


I share these so your wife will essentially quiver from your authentic romance and be eagerly attracted to you.

Not to mention how much she will be ridiculously curious, like Read more ›

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5 Free Little Known Sex tips

Are you the “low drive or the high drive spouse?

In most marriages one partner is the risk taker and the other one is cautious.

98% of marriages have the husband as the higher drive spouse.

If you multiply that % against the number of marriages in the USA, that means that a huge amount of women are the higher drive spouse even though most advertisements seem to speak otherwise.

If the husband in your marriage is the risk taker, the typical initiator in your marriage sex life, the wife will fit this article.

Since many marriages see the wife as the aggressor, these roles are reversed in your marriage.

No matter which one of you is which type, the reality is still true you two view sex as an opposite behavior from each other.

So here are five ideas for you to consider about sex which may be unlike your earlier preconceived ideas.

Read more ›

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16 Ways to Experience Non-sexual Touching

Has it come to your mind that many of your marriage problems, occur due to a lack of physical affection?

That is correct, marriage problems stem from not providing what your spouse needs.

God has wired your wife that she cherishes continuous dedicated bursts of kindness.

She craves attention through her husband’s wallpapers

 Hey gentlemen, have noticed how often she seeks out your kisses?

Kissing is certainly one form of communication in Marriage.

Log this in your “marriage tips” space today.

As a husband, you can overcome a lot of your marriage problems by being Read more ›

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Overcome Problems

“5 Yummy steps to building your healthy marriage” 

The primary focus for this course is free-flowing conversation between you two, through 5 very helpful Marriage tips for you.

Marriage problems can be overcome!

This course will assist your relationship no matter what walls you two have built so far.

So look through the brief course description to see how to apply marriage advice you can use to build delightful bridges


instead of imposing walls which block your effective communication.

 Here is the course outline:

1 – Distinguish and establish effective communication skills:

1) share your ideas so your spouse knows what you want.

2) Discover simple techniques to find out what he / she is thinking

3) See how to enhance your  Read more ›

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Learn How to Save Your Marriage – FREE




What will your marriage be like in 5, 10 or 15 years?

This link will get you to our landing page for our upcoming webinar!

We would love to have you come and listen for FREE Read more ›

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9 Fascinating Tips to Disperse Marriage Arguments And Have A Happy Marriage

Angry twenty something couple yelling at each other

Married couples struggle to talk so their spouse really hears what they say
Have you ever had that “pit” in your stomach when you knew there was something needed to be talked out with your wife but actually dreaded bringing up the subject?
You can almost hear their words before you even get to ideas out of your mouth, right? Well here are a few ways to soften the disagreement. Read more ›
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7 Captivating Pleasurable Ingredients to Create An Awesome Marriage

Save your marriage with simple, gentle daily habits.



Creating a happy, loving, romantic relationship is comprised of Read more ›

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10 captivating questions to save your marriage




Intimacy is the bonding between two persons.

This 10 questions process helps you two dig deeper into your souls.

Let’s face it, every married couple communicates. Often, we communicate so well that Read more ›

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