3 Pleasurable Secrets to provide security & become irresistible to your wife

img_2550Ladies desire this feeling of security in their marriage.

A huge need most women have is to feel secure in their marriage.

My wife, Elaine, had this as her number one emotional need when we were first married.

I did not understand at the time how to help her cope with this issue in our marriage.

As I learned what she needed I applied to our marriage and have since taught it to many other husbands to the delight of their wives.

As we worked with couples through the years, this primary emotional need surfaces many times as a delicate trigger at their most intense emotional level.

When you help your wife feel secure in your relationship, the more irresistible you become in her eyes.

That’s how you want her to see you, as the most appealing man in the world, right?

Here’s how to create an emotional magnetism between you and your wife.

Here are 3 places to start creating that magnetic environment in your home.

 A wise husband will practice these easy exercises and experience her melting in his arms more often:  

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You won’t believe this activity to boost your holiday enjoyment – RAOK –

humanitarian-aid-939723_1280How to improve your holidays by RAOK! A great boost to your life!

RAOK stands for “Random Acts Of Kindness”.

 Our grown daughter in Arkansas was part of an exciting ladies event that took the place of their traditional “Holiday Party”.
Be sure you reply and give me your ideas for this wonderful special activity!
Theses ladies took the money their church gives for the sisters to get together each year and they did something extra special;  they made a huge number of other people “richer”, but not just with a few dollars here and there.

In bullet form I will list out some of the activities they had fun doing:

(there is a lot more to each point, I am simply giving the highlights to generate some ideas for you this year – free examples for you to try follow this list)

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5 Provocative Ingredients To Spice Up Your Marriage Trust and Intimacy


The greater the open intimacy within your marriage, the greater your trust factors will develop. Opening up to each other’s heart takes time, effort and a lot of individualized patience.
Here are 5 approaches to accumulate exceptional trust for you two.

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3 Intimate, Enchanting Components to Gently Nurture Your Marriage Bond  

lovers-1259124__180 Developing a happy marriage is simple, but not easy.

Simple? Certainly, just focus your energies on meeting your spouse’s needs without expecting anything in return.

Simple? Yes, but not practical since we have emotions and our own needs to be met, right?

Marriage is the ultimate form of give-and-take in a working relationship where two people invest their life into and for, each other.

Many times  we have observed a couple holler and fight with each other in public and wonder why folks want to live that way. There is a peaceful alternative which allows each partner to thrive in the relationship.

Do you want the very best life has to offer to you as a couple?

Here is a workable 3 point blueprint to craft the very best intimate relationship possible. Read more ›

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What do karate and your marriage have in common? No, not fighting! The answer will amaze you! 


Let me quickly relate a strange phrase I heard spoken to my friend at the dojo (karate gym), many years ago.  I was thrilled to witness a long time friend, become a new black belt recipient at the dojo we spent several nights a week working out together. What the instructor (sensei) said Read more ›

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3 magnetic moves to secure a pleasurable, healthy and thriving second marriage


In a second marriage, a couple lugs a ton of past negative experiences with them, especially when both partners have endured a divorce.

These emotional memories become awful threats if not gently unpacked and individually discarded.  It has been our experience that until a couple can reveal their past wounds to their new partner in a safe, secure and healthy environment, their marriage Read more ›

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5 astonishingly simple steps to reduce marriage problems

love for protecting herAs a naive husband 42 years ago, I did not realize, we accidently  started our relationship on the right foot in one huge fashion.

We did something constructive that 1/2 the couples who are married would not do. It was natural to us even though many married couples shy away from doing this one action towards each other.

Both of us did this effortless achievement without knowing that we practiced a secret which nearly half of marriages lacked.

To reveal a well kept secret to you – we would later find out Read more ›

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Are past memories, haunting your marriage?

bellman-luggage-cart-104031_1280Elaine (my wife) & I were talking through some of our recent married couples coaching sessions  and we notice a specific subject which surfaces often for folks.

They wrestle over their “past” (my term for them is baggage), that they drag like a Read more ›

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Is busyness slowly killing your marriage?

Paul and Lori Byerly did a wonderful job sharingman-963182__180 at an adult Bible class several months ago, how busyness impacts all people, not only married couples.  They taught us to Read more ›

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How many Apples are in a seed? How many generations come through your marriage?

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple.seeds-1217133_960_720

Only God can count the apples in a seed!

What if each married couple in the church, would only reach, comfort and mentor, one other married couple outside the church this year?

How many generations would be affected in a positive fashion for eternity? Read more ›

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