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33 stimulating questions to tighten your marriage

Questions are a gateway to powerful information exchange between a husband and wife. The right questions can open tons of useful dialogue where you two learn much greater details about each other. Use these questions that target specific areas for

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Growing apart? Stop it dead in its tracks!

Learn effective steps to restore the zing in your relationship starting today! Today can be the start of the wonderful intimacy you craved when you were first married.     Your marriage does not have to end in disaster. Your

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4 delightful FREE insider secrets, every husband should employ

Husbands, this post is to increase your “hero status” in your wife’s eyes 10 fold. Apply these 4  – no sweat, straightforward tasks, to eliminate a ton of your marriage problems which might be haunting your relationship.   I share

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Learn How to Save Your Marriage – FREE

      What will your marriage be like in 5, 10 or 15 years? This link will get you to our landing page for our upcoming webinar! We would love to have you come and listen for FREE

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9 Fascinating Tips to Disperse Marriage Arguments And Have A Happy Marriage

Married couples struggle to talk so their spouse really hears what they say Have you ever had that “pit” in your stomach when you knew there was something needed to be talked out with your wife but actually dreaded bringing

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10 captivating questions to save your marriage

      Intimacy is the bonding between two persons. This 10 questions process helps you two dig deeper into your souls. Let’s face it, every married couple communicates. Often, we communicate so well that

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5 Provocative Ingredients To Spice Up Your Marriage Trust and Intimacy

  The greater the open intimacy within your marriage, the greater your trust factors will develop. Opening up to each other’s heart takes time, effort and a lot of individualized patience. Here are 5 approaches to accumulate exceptional trust for

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Are past memories, haunting your marriage?

Elaine (my wife) & I were talking through some of our recent married couples coaching sessions  and we notice a specific subject which surfaces often for folks. They wrestle over their “past” (my term for them is baggage), that they drag

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5 FREE Secret’s What Happy Couples Talk About

First ask yourself, “What do we talk about on our date nights or even at home together most of the time?” OK, got those thoughts etched in your mind?  It is surprising how

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2 secret techniques to stimulate your marriage

Creating a dynamic marriage is not as easy, as we all once thought, is it? Each partner started in our own marriage relationship thinking we had “the answers” – right? Of course we did. Then one day wham!, we

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