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You won’t believe this activity to boost your holiday enjoyment – RAOK –

How to improve your holidays by RAOK! A great boost to your life! RAOK stands for “Random Acts Of Kindness”.  Our grown daughter in Arkansas was part of an exciting ladies event that took the place of their traditional “Holiday

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Multiple Blogs give great gift ideas and more for Valentine’s Day

This blog post is to promote gift giving and pure romance up until Valentine’s Day. Updates will appear on a regular basis as my friends generate new posts, so be sure you mark this post and come back every day

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7 Personal Gifts every husband can give his wife!

Giving a gift is often a bit tedious, right? To get that special gift or perhaps even to get any gift for your wife. This list is about giving some special items for your wife all year long. Look through

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Here are some very personalized gifts, you can give your wife.

Today is a set of  special gifts for you to create yourself for your wife.

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10 Creative “Gifts” that cost little or no money for your bride

Some of these are for specific gift giving times and some are to show love to your wife for no added reason than she is your wife. Perhaps make a copy of these suggestions to expand and make them fit

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What presents will you give your wife this year?

How about something focused on your wife this year? So what are you giving your bride this year? Some bloggers have written about very practical gifts. Are you thinking about yourself or about her when thinking about what to get

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A present for your marriage?

Allow me to quote part of an article from Christian Counseling Today Magazine: “In my years of practice as a Christian counselor, I often found people seeking help who didn’t really need to see a therapist. They were not in

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