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Learn How to Save Your Marriage – FREE

      What will your marriage be like in 5, 10 or 15 years? This link will get you to our landing page for our upcoming webinar! We would love to have you come and listen for FREE

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3 Intimate, Enchanting Components to Gently Nurture Your Marriage Bond  

 Developing a happy marriage is simple, but not easy. Simple? Certainly, just focus your energies on meeting your spouse’s needs without expecting anything in return. Simple? Yes, but not practical since we have emotions and our own needs to be

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Husbands – a little help please & receive a FREE gift!

My desire is to help your marriage thrive! So this is for you to help me — help you. For several months I have been working to create a sequel to my e-book “Husband to Hero in 10 easy steps”

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5 FREE Secret’s What Happy Couples Talk About

First ask yourself, “What do we talk about on our date nights or even at home together most of the time?” OK, got those thoughts etched in your mind?  It is surprising how

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2 secret techniques to stimulate your marriage

Creating a dynamic marriage is not as easy, as we all once thought, is it? Each partner started in our own marriage relationship thinking we had “the answers” – right? Of course we did. Then one day wham!, we

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5 easy ways to improve your marriage

Creating a vibrant marriage is simple yet not so easy. Simple because you can probably jot down some of these ideas on your own as life whizzes past you. What happens with Elaine and me, is

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Change the lie and create the “Most Perfect” marriage possible

For generations, people have been fed the lie that “practice makes perfect.” Let’s set the record straight on this thought.                   Only perfect practice accurately coached can make any activity as close to you performing as perfect as possible. When

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A present for your marriage?

Allow me to quote part of an article from Christian Counseling Today Magazine: “In my years of practice as a Christian counselor, I often found people seeking help who didn’t really need to see a therapist. They were not in

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Married forty years and still learning and enjoying our marriage.

On a recent blog post, Friday Flashback: Great Sex To Last A Lifetime: by my friend Paul Byerly; I said, We have been married forty years and our communication and sexual intimacy has grown as you indicate “both romantically and

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Make your wife feel each day that she is the only aim of your affection

Some practical suggestions to stay her “Knight in Shining Armor” Your wife craves your undivided attention. She needs for you to tell her every day

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