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Growing apart? Stop it dead in its tracks!

Learn effective steps to restore the zing in your relationship starting today! Today can be the start of the wonderful intimacy you craved when you were first married.     Your marriage does not have to end in disaster. Your

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4 delightful FREE insider secrets, every husband should employ

Husbands, this post is to increase your “hero status” in your wife’s eyes 10 fold. Apply these 4  – no sweat, straightforward tasks, to eliminate a ton of your marriage problems which might be haunting your relationship.   I share

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16 Ways to Experience Non-sexual Touching

Has it come to your mind that many of your marriage problems, occur due to a lack of physical affection? That is correct, marriage problems stem from not providing what your spouse needs. God has wired your wife that she

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Overcome Problems

“5 Yummy steps to building your healthy marriage”  The primary focus for this course is free-flowing conversation between you two, through 5 very helpful Marriage tips for you. Marriage problems can be overcome! This course will assist your relationship no matter

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10 captivating questions to save your marriage

      Intimacy is the bonding between two persons. This 10 questions process helps you two dig deeper into your souls. Let’s face it, every married couple communicates. Often, we communicate so well that

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3 Intimate, Enchanting Components to Gently Nurture Your Marriage Bond  

 Developing a happy marriage is simple, but not easy. Simple? Certainly, just focus your energies on meeting your spouse’s needs without expecting anything in return. Simple? Yes, but not practical since we have emotions and our own needs to be

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Is busyness slowly killing your marriage?

Paul and Lori Byerly did a wonderful job sharing at an adult Bible class several months ago, how busyness impacts all people, not only married couples.  They taught us to

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Husbands – a little help please & receive a FREE gift!

My desire is to help your marriage thrive! So this is for you to help me — help you. For several months I have been working to create a sequel to my e-book “Husband to Hero in 10 easy steps”

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Boost Your Marriage Intimacy: 5 painless habits to help your wife feel safe in her marriage

Men do you know the most important secrets to your wife’s comfort level? What rocks a woman’s heart is

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5 easy ways to improve your marriage

Creating a vibrant marriage is simple yet not so easy. Simple because you can probably jot down some of these ideas on your own as life whizzes past you. What happens with Elaine and me, is

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