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Overcome Problems

“5 Yummy steps to building your healthy marriage”  The primary focus for this course is free-flowing conversation between you two, through 5 very helpful Marriage tips for you. Marriage problems can be overcome! This course will assist your relationship no matter

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7 Captivating Pleasurable Ingredients to Create An Awesome Marriage

Save your marriage with simple, gentle daily habits.     Creating a happy, loving, romantic relationship is comprised of

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10 captivating questions to save your marriage

      Intimacy is the bonding between two persons. This 10 questions process helps you two dig deeper into your souls. Let’s face it, every married couple communicates. Often, we communicate so well that

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What do karate and your marriage have in common? No, not fighting! The answer will amaze you! 

Let me quickly relate a strange phrase I heard spoken to my friend at the dojo (karate gym), many years ago.  I was thrilled to witness a long time friend, become a new black belt recipient at the dojo we

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What do I need to make my marriage the very best it can become?

Guys get tools! Yes, you will receive some techniques/ tools to understand your wife much better!

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Who can help my marriage? Check out these 9 wonderful sites!

This post is dedicated to a few folks who do an excellent job on the internet dispensing great materials. Take some time and visit their sites. It will encourage your marriage!

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How’s your sex life going to be this year? Make this the most incredibly intimate year ever for you two!

Are you the “low drive or the high drive spouse? In most marriages one partner is the risk taker and the other one is cautious. If you are the risk taker, especially as it pertains to your married sex life,

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5 pleasurable ways to show your wife she rocks!

Early on in our marriage, I set out on a life-long trek to show my wife something wonderful she did not know at the time. I saw her with a different set of eyes than anyone else in the world.

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Married forty years and still learning and enjoying our marriage.

On a recent blog post, Friday Flashback: Great Sex To Last A Lifetime: by my friend Paul Byerly; I said, We have been married forty years and our communication and sexual intimacy has grown as you indicate “both romantically and

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Check Out My Friend’s offer

A friend and one of my mentors, Kimanzi Constable has an amazing story. He also has a great offer starting this week. I wanted to alert you on his deal

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