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Growing apart? Stop it dead in its tracks!

Learn effective steps to restore the zing in your relationship starting today! Today can be the start of the wonderful intimacy you craved when you were first married.     Your marriage does not have to end in disaster. Your

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5 Free Little Known Sex tips

Are you the “low drive or the high drive spouse? In most marriages one partner is the risk taker and the other one is cautious. 98% of marriages have the husband as the higher drive spouse. If you multiply that

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Husbands – a little help please & receive a FREE gift!

My desire is to help your marriage thrive! So this is for you to help me — help you. For several months I have been working to create a sequel to my e-book “Husband to Hero in 10 easy steps”

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Men are more romantic than women

The actual answer may surprise you. Put that frying pan down and read on! Please read this post before you click through to another article. I came across this interesting twist on romance in an article which said “men are

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4 Methods To Show Husband’s The Respect We Need From Our Wife, Instead of Love?

If a woman reads that title, she is most likely angered or at least confused. Many wives think she is showing respect through her love. Maybe some fellows feel that way but I don’t and it seems many other husbands

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