Change the lie and create the “Most Perfect” marriage possible

For generations, people have been fed the lie that “practice makes perfect.” Let’s set the record straight on this thought.

                  Only perfect practice accurately coached can make any activity as close to you performing as perfect as possible.

When a person wants to excel at a certain sport’s move, then they must get a suitable coach who will give the right advice to adjust their incorrect moves and properly practice organized movements.

Imagine trying to become the next NBA superstar by finding a kid on a playground court to give your instruction? Certainly it would be more effective to hire a professional trainer or coach to evaluate the right and the wrong basketball moves you are making and give specific advice about incorrect methods for play and how to do the best you can for your personal body type.

To be the best requires the proper coach and applied discipline over time, working on the right moves to be the best possible basketball player.

Throughout 2015 I can help you elevate your marriage to the next level in romance, communication and sexuality to name a few area of your relationship.

A marriage coach fine tunes your relationship, even as a sports coach would help an athlete on the field to become the best they can be at the desired sport. A relationship coach teaches you how to become the best husband possible.

Adjusting certain principals within your specific situation will transform your marriage from good to great or great to exceptional! It is enjoyable practice! The outcome is a better marriage. Totally “win win”!


How great could your marriage be if you had a coach help in at least these areas:

   1 – Communication. You completely gat what she is saying and why she is saying these words. When you need help, she knows how to give you support so that you both feel satisfied that you have been heard.

   2 – Sex. Create wonderful and healthy attitudes and understanding about your sexual needs and wants. We create an atmosphere so you determine the reasons she just does not “get it”.          Husbands do not recognize why a wife would ever tell him “no” when it comes to sex as it is free, fun and fantastic! A wife does not understand why “that is all he ever thinks about!” and so it creates a vast misunderstanding and oftentimes causes a lot of emotional turmoil instead of the couple learning to thoroughly enjoy each other’s body as they were designed to bring pleasure to each other. As coaches, my wife and I will peel back the trauma created through    misguided conclusions and develop an open dialog to heal this sensitive marriage necessity.

    3 – Money matters. Develop a healthy arrangement towards finances. Depending on where    you are, we can create a workable budget programmed by both partners to pave the way for living debt free and learning how to enjoy the blessings earned from your work.

    4 – Disagree agreeably. Learn to express your most common issues in such a way that you both see the other partners point without resorting to a shouting match.

    5 – Encourage individual authentic needs. Develop a pattern for helpful encouragement where you strengthen each others unmet genuine requirements. What she require to become the best wife and what you require to become the best possible husband is sometimes contradictory, yet still necessary. A husband or his wife is the best person to deliver each  others wishes when you know how to provide those provisions. As your coach, I will help each partner first identify those needs and then supply the other partner’s necessities to build a lasting and growing great marriage.

     6 – ? ? ? What do you need in your marriage to create a passion that nothing will stop?


In each of these important areas, you will learn new methods to open her heart and mind, to receive the authentic message you are sending over to her. She will not give you any more blank stares or body language that says your wife thinks you are out of your mind.

We have developed techniques which open the communication flood gates and create accurate dialog on the most sensitive subjects. Like having a sports coach to develop your prowess, a marriage coach can assist your relationship and make you both happier and your give your relationship the boost it needs.

What relationship is worth more than the covenant called marriage? In the quest to find something worth fighting for, just look across the room at your spouse and determine that she is worth committing the necessary time and a small investment to become the best husband possible.

At every situation in life, “The Best Is Yet To Be! so always look for the best within your marriage. This is not just a simple formula from Robert Browning, it is solid mantra for couples to follow.

Make the marriage relationship better by working on yourself and the health of your marriage will improve. No matter where the relationship is presently, your marriage can thrive, not just survive.

When couples are willing to do whatever it takes to have a wonderful marriage, a great relationship can become a reality. Let the FUN continue!

Why not send me an email and let me know which areas you would like to make just a bit better in your marriage. We have helped many other couples and we can help you.

It is not embarrassing to desire to crank your marriage up a few notches so why not invite a professional trained marriage coach create the best relationship possible today.


Start 2015 off in an enjoyable fashion and send me a note right now.

Jerry & Elaine Stumpf – Your marriage & Communication coaches

PS – Until January 31st we are setting aside the time to help five more couples. Which plan do you want to sign up for? Let’s spend 25 minutes on Google hangout or Skype to determine the best plan for you two going forward?

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Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor. Jerry & Elaine host educational, actionable, & interactive marriage seminars which equip attendees with many "tools" which captivate each other in deeper conversations. Jerry has been married forty three years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Their greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open transparent communication, with their gentle interactive guidance.

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