Does your wife crave these 4 self-image boosting techniques from you?

couple-kissing on beachMen, does your wife know you believe she is very special to you?  If your wife is like most women, she wants to feel she is the only woman walking down the street with you, even though the sidewalk could be very crowded.

When you see a pretty woman, how do you react to her? Your wife may not say anything, but deep inside, she is aching for you to turn away and not look.

I know it seems a bit drastic to men, but this is true of many women, perhaps even your wife, they crave for you to have eyes for her only.

How you respond to any specific female stimulus may actually be creating a wedge between you and you wife ever so slightly and you haven’t noticed it.

Have you turned the channel when the commercials of Victoria’s “not so secret” pops up or some other commercial designed to draw you in.

I know it’s impossible to avoid every enticement by the media or even co-workers, but your wife will appreciate your efforts.

How you handle these moments speaks volumes to your bride.

What you say to her in your private times also shouts to her self-image.

If you joke about any other woman in a way that says you look more than an accidental glance, your wife reacts emotionally even if she says nothing back to you.

I have heard some men point out a woman who has a different body type than their wife, not realizing how sensitive about their own build floods most women’s mindset.

So how do you ensure that your wife believes you have eyes only for her?

Here are 4 sure-fire techniques to boost your wife’s self image no matter her age or body type.

1 – Always, always, go out of your way to avoid looking a second time or a lingering set of times when some woman crosses your eye path that is at all stimulating.

Yes I know it is impossible to avoid daily temptations. The issue is not – not being tempted – it is giving in to those urges to look a second or more times.

Most women do not seem to understand how distracting it is for godly men who are serving the Lord, to not be enticed by their attire.

A tighter than necessary blouse or skirt or an extra button undone is hard to miss by our highly trained male mind.

However, seeing something the first time and making a second glance, is typically noticed by our wife even if she says nothing about it.

At home a helpful practice is to change channels when “those commercials” come on.

My wife made a comment to another lady one time about me changing the channel. I did not know she noticed what I was doing so it was a nice compliment. To be tempted is not the same as giving in to the temptations.

2 – Seek ways to affirm your wife in emotional areas she feels insecure.

Boost her confidence in spite of these negative body image issues that your bride has.

Frequently women think about their appearance as often as most men think of sex during the day!

She considers at least these items:

    Is my dress the right color, right fit, or the right style for the occasion?

    Did I fix my hair properly or should I change it somewhat so the wind does not blow it around too much.

    Do these shoes match my purse?

    Do my purse and shoes clash with this outfit? Etc.

    Yes, I know for us, we men just make sure a shirt still fits and we put on the same type of pants and shoes for our day.

Help your bride out concerning her body image. Compliment your wife on the specifics you find appealing.

Saying that she looks nice is alright, but why not go a bit farther and tell her what you like about her dress, purse or a specific color she is wearing today.

The more detailed your sincere compliment is presented, the better it will hit home.

 3 – What is it about her personality that you like?

Is she funny? Smart? Organized? Very detailed when you are scattered? Does she have a way that makes folks feel really at home in your home? Can she be very gentle to help a friend open up and share what is troubling them without offending or hurting their feelings? What sort of hobbies or unique talents does she possess?

Spend some time compiling a list of these traits to share with her. Why not tell her friends and relatives how much you admire these qualities about her while you are at it.

Go ahead and lavish the praise. She will get a bit embarrassed and inside be very thankful!.

She won’t get a swelled head! She will love you all the more for your kindness.

4 – Work towards not being a “loaner”. Men often repress their feelings, even their feelings for their wife.


Yes, I get it, it may be due to wanting to win our own battles. However, your wife wants to have you deeply ingrained in her heart.

She may not even express these feelings outright, but she desires emotionally bonding with you.

It may be simply an uncomfortable “itch” within her that she can’t specifically recognize, yet she feels a distance that only you can bridge for her.

So take some time to let her see your vulnerable sides. Your bride desperately needs for you to share your life with her.

If she is detailed in her daily descriptions, be as detailed as you can to mirror her personality a bit.

Spend a few date nights or just being curled up on the couch with all electronic devices turned off – unless one is playing some soft music in the background – and share your inner self with her. You will be glad you did!

There are 4 simple yet powerful methods to draw your wife deeper into your heart.

She will welcome the opportunity to know that you “have her back” in your marriage.

You watch over her heart and not simply the house or your mutual possessions.

These powerful techniques with help her see that you are isolating her as the precious person you believe she is, in a special spot in your life and in your heart.

Hey, go ahead and steal that line and tell her that she is the most special person in your heart!

Marriages are built one moment at a time where two people conscientiously choose to incorporate each other with their inner being.

A Christian marriage, chooses to weave Jesus Christ into every fiber of the marriage.

This is a significant way for your wife to totally know that she is number 1 in your heart.


The Best Is Yet To Be!!!!!!!!! So always expect the best for your marriage

Jerry Stumpf


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