Here are some very personalized gifts, you can give your wife.

Today is a set of  special gifts for you to create yourself for your wife.

Make a list of 25 reasons you are thankful for her.

Make it pretty for her. Create a border around it and if you want to make it extra fancy, place it within a picture frame.
If you do not have all twenty five reasons, perhaps you leave it out of the frame and post it on your refrigerator.  This way as you add the extra ideas, she sees you have her on your mind in a very precious fashion.
Make these as personal as you can. Tell about her personality, her abilities that are noteworthy which you want to share. Just list some points that you would give out to someone if they asked you to describe your wife to them.  Think about what makes her especially unique!
 Be positive and use this as a platform to let others know what a wonderful person she is. Keep in mind that on your frig or on the wall, people will see it so gush a bit about your bride!

Create a specialized coupon book from you.

This could be as short as one per month up to one per week. You can make these on your computer.  Some software has a template already created for you that you simply inert the words.  I have listed a few different ideas for you to choose from or create your own.

Go to the task of creating some special coupons that help her get out of the house to do some activities she enjoys. If your wife had extra money and some free time, what would she enjoy doing? So save a bit here and there and encourage her to spend some time with her friends.
Really think through this a bit. You might even get some hints by asking this type of question during some time you two are together and not really discussing gift giving.
Make a few of these unusual coupons which say something about a night out with her friends. Then you set aside some money for her then tell her to have some fun.
Make some of the coupons a night away with you in a hotel. It can be a hotel  nearby but the catch is that you arrange for the babysitter and reserve the hotel yourself.  Get a friend or family member you trust to watch the children.
If you want to make it extra special, order a room with a whirlpool tub if that suits your wife. If you do this one, be sure to get some extra candles (be safe with these) and some scented oil for her bath realizing that the extra stimulation from the whirlpool creates lots of bubbles so try to get some which is designed for these type of tubs.
Make a few coupons about some specialized date nights that you will do the planning. (write me to give you some ideas here if you need them so don’t worry, I have your back! Let’s talk a bit.)

Make a homemade card for her.

Include some personal sentiments that the two have shared through the years. You can go online and download lots of hearts, precious pics and extra glitzy little pictures which express your love for her. Here are a few suggestions for general ideas:
          Have you taken any notable recent trips?
          Where do you enjoy dating together?
          If you are able, write her a poem and include your words in the custom card.
          Take the time to include a few special reasons you love her.
          Again think as to what makes your wife unique or notable.
          What do her friends say often about her?

Get her some flowers from the local grocery store.

They have some nice arrangements already prepared and you can select individual flowers to create your own bouquet. Just imagine what colors she enjoys and let the sales people help you.

At the very least, spend some time and tell her why you love her.  Make this a paragraph or two which just reaches in and warms her heart.
If you want some extra “points” get some special parchment type of paper and a matching envelop.
These touches let her know that this gift is not spur of the moment. Wives enjoy seeing their husband invest extra time for them. Make the effort to show your bride how precious she is to you.
So here are a few personalized gifts you can give to your bride!
If there is any way I can serve your marriage just shoot me an email to tell me where I can help. I am here for you but you have to reach back to me.
May you have a blessed close to 2014 and begin 2015 in a joyous fashion.

Always Expect The Best In Your Marriage – The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

Your Friend & Coach — Jerry Stumpf

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PS 2- Be thinking about what specific struggles you had during 2014 that would create greater peace in 2015 if these negative situations were eliminated from your relationship.
    We will be investigating how to create the very best relationships for 2015!

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