Is busyness slowly killing your marriage?

Paul and Lori Byerly did a wonderful job sharingman-963182__180 at an adult Bible class several months ago, how busyness impacts all people, not only married couples.  They taught us to reflect upon our life to see if we spend too much time working to pay for “stuff” or keep our “stuff” in good shape when we will want to use it.

Do we need so much that it takes such a huge bite out of our time for our things? I am not against things, but Paul’s point made me reflect on how often I work to pay for something that is an object when there is a warm, loving person wanting to be with me.

Paul’s post  “busyness is the enemy of sex” prompted me to write this post.

Staying extra busy certainly creates huge walls for couples in every area of intimacy – emotional and physical.

People use “busyness” as a badge of honor to show how good they are at keeping up with everyone else. Yet keeping up with people in anything except love, is not a good measure of maturity.

It is true that busyness limits sex,  but perhaps for different reasons than we husbands understand.

Many women desire “non-sexual touching and non-sexual conversation” to stay bonded with her husband. Husbands feel any personal contact from your wife should lead to the bed.

Beware men, she may be quietly screaming that she needs to talk, hold your hand or just sit and enjoy the lake or sunset.

Psalm 46:10 is the opposite of this worlds clutter and hurried lifestyle.couple at the sunset digital-art-398342__180

Are you so busy that your wife/husband/kids feels second or third on your “to-do list”?

What do you enjoy that refreshes you, your marriage and any close relationships?

Always Expect The Best From Your Marriage –

as The Best Is Yet To Be For Your Marriage !! 

Your friend — Jerry Stumpf

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