Make your wife feel each day that she is the only aim of your affection

couple-915984__180Some practical suggestions to stay her “Knight in Shining Armor”

Your wife craves your undivided attention. She needs for you to tell her every day that there is no other person you want to share the world with except her. Her internal essence wants to be continually reminded that you have her as the only focus for your heart. Have you ever wondered why wives want to hear “I Love You” from their husbands daily? Hourly? I challenge you to tell your wife “I Love You” so often that she says to you, “OK you can stop telling me that now!”

How do you reach out to her and tell her how much she actually means to you when you are with her or when you are away from her? I will give you a couple of hints to encourage your intimacy even when you are not together.

First is through texts. In this post, I am not speaking about “sexting”. I am going to share some basic ideas that you have to customize for your wife.

If you so desire to turn up the graphics a bit, that is up to you. I will caution you that your wife wants to know that you desire her for more than her body so if you have not sent her affectionate texts before, please follow the pattern I have listed below. So this post is about touching her inner sensitive side.

On a talk show, Michael Fiore, was conversing with the host and she asked about Michael’s texting program so he said a husband might text his wife and say

“Can you imagine how good it is going to feel when I wrap my arms around you tonight?”

The entire audience of women moaned and then clapped. He got such a response because he touched a feminine nerve.

A few more specific texts follow below. First, I want to address the crucial reasons your wife requires your love so much.

Most men recognize that women respond to a different set of stimuli that they do.

So approach your wife differently than you want her to approach you.

Women respond to spoken, expressive, and emotional motivation. This is not to be controlling, it is to touch the inner strings of her heart.

A wife wants to feel a tug at her heart before her body follows along.

Keep in mind that men usually respond in the opposite direction, outside in: visual stimulation which reaches deep inside our body.

What about you? Can you touch these deep seated nerves in your wife? YES!!!!! But it takes some conscience targeted work on your part. The secret for you is to “think like a woman” not like a man. In essence this is why this blog is here, to assist you in building a better relationship with your wife.

Since some wives read these posts, ladies please leave a comment so that the husbands who read this post can see that these principals do work to melt your heart.

If it makes great sense to you, show this post to your husband so he can understand better what you desire from him.

Husbands, what does your wife need to open herself up each day to your gentle guidance and concern? In a gentle considerate fashion, your wife craves for you to be the leader. Not as a dictator.

Romance builds through kind gestures honestly offered to your wife each day. You can show her your love through subtle reminders that you chose her above all other women and that she is the only target in your scope.

Take this illustration several steps deeper.

When you sight down a rifle scope, you focus all your vision on one specific target. You use this scope to shut out any additional distractions while locking in on your specific target.

Did you know that your wife needs to feel this need every day from you? She needs to understand that you have her as the only woman in your heart.

This is one reason why women become angry if you look at another woman. She wants to be your only target, every moment of every day.

So here are a few special texts you can apply directly to your wife’s heart: (send the first part of the texts, before the … and then a while later, send the rest of the sentence)

Caution, send these over several days. You want to let her know that she is very precious to you. Don’t bombard her all at once.

1 – I just wanted you to know …. how much I Love You!
2 – I can’t stop thinking … about you!
3 – Life has never been better … thanks to you, sweetheart!
4 – My love for you is … never ending!
5 – You complete me.
6- When you are with me, … the world feels right.
7- You have the most beautiful … (insert what you like about her, “smile” “eyes” “laugh” etc. whatever you truly think is so beautiful about your wife, include here)

Remember your wife needs to be reminded of your secure relationship. She is on your mind every day and she is the one you are looking forward to being with when you get at home. Take this up a notch and send her two more texts on your way home.

             1 – Let her know what time you will arrive home.  

                  Remember – Kindness and Courtesy!

             2 – Ask her is there something she needs for you

                   to pick up for her on the way home? 

                   Be Thoughtful!

Thinking about her desires and honest consideration for her day go a long way to expressing your love to your wife. You can assure her that you feel each day that she is the only aim of your affection.

Keep focusing on her needs!

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  • Lisa M

    These are fabulous!! My husband texts me like this occasionally it really sets me on fire.

    • Lisa, Thanks for the comment! Did you see the flip side to this in : 8 Magnetic Questions to captivate your husband!

      • Lisa M

        Yes, he doesn’t feel the viewpoint applied to him. We both believe that respect and admiration are inseparable from love in a marriage. If you don’t respect and admire your spouse, you don’t love him or her in the way that a marriage needs. This applies equally to both men and women.