Married forty years and still learning and enjoying our marriage.

On a recent blog post, Friday Flashback: Great Sex To Last A Lifetime: by my friend Paul Byerly; I said,

We have been married forty years and our communication and sexual intimacy has grown as you indicate “both romantically and sexually”.

Part of the problems early on for us were that we did not know how to honestly and openly share with each other our needs as well as our wants.

To make a distinction I made it appear as though I was “begging” for more sex. In reality, my wife did not understand how effective a sexual release was to help me cope with the struggles of a family, being self-employed and working as a minister, all at once.

And I certainly did not get what she was going through in her life either.

What we found is when we could truthfully share our heart it did not come across as manipulative, therefore, the other life partner could sense our intimate needs. Once we were able to talk about our own needs and wants without feeling the need to satisfy the other partner, our barriers began to crumble.

Learning how to construct a deep intense relationship with my wife is why I am working to create a business helping married couples through my blog, the new book, one-on-one couple coaching and the other methods for communicating our successes.

Elaine and I want to reduce the extensive learning curve for married couples that we had to live through.

If we can help a married couple learn how to successfully talk with each other and be understood, our mission with them is helpful.

How can we help your marriage become the best one possible?

Send us an email at and let’s begin a dialogue.

Paul, thank you for being such a great role model for men to look into their marriage and become better husbands.

I believe Paul does an excellent job challenging husbands to become the best they can be in this complicated society.

It is an honor to spend time through the internet with Paul, sharing ideas as to how we can best serve our respective audience.

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage –

              The Best Is Yet To Be!  — Jerry

Jerry is a marriage relationship expert, public speaker, author of several books, blogger, certified marriage coach and marriage mentor. Jerry & Elaine host educational, actionable, & interactive marriage seminars which equip attendees with many "tools" which captivate each other in deeper conversations. Jerry has been married forty three years to the same beautiful woman. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Their greatest passion is assisting married couples to unlock each other's heart through open transparent communication, with their gentle interactive guidance.

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