Multiple Blogs give great gift ideas and more for Valentine’s Day

This blog post is to promote gift giving and pure romance up until Valentine’s Day.

Updates will appear on a regular basis as my friends generate new posts, so be sure you mark this post and come back every

day for some new ideas about Valentine’s Day from all sorts of folks.

Some will promote gifts through their site you will need to purchase

and some will promote ideas for you to formulate on your own.

I certainly have a few suggestions myself.

However, the really “pleasurable” thoughts from me are going out this time to my exclusive newsletter readers.

Two reasons for this:

1 – There are some erotic and provocative thoughts for husbands and wives that I frankly do not want to put out to the general public.

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2 – My readers deserve the very best I have to offer.

So for your viewing (& reading pleasure) here are some posts by classy people generating a ton of Valentine’s Day

My friend Paul Byerly has written a LOT of posts over the years. He and his wife Lori are pioneers in this marriage-ministry-online-presence-deal.

I went to his sit and searched Valentine’s Day  = 12 results on his site.

Paul write to us husbands about becoming a better man, husband and father. Check out his posts.

Here is an update from Paul about several other articles and sites as well.

The “V” Word


As usual, J gives some good suggestions. Check it out here:


Kevin over at Marriage Works! has some good advice for a great gift that costs nothing!  in money that is.


Scott from has some good ideas about married sexuality and romance

Scott started a series on December 1, 2014     about sex from various angles.

He also has a group of posts about romance you might like:


Julie over at gives a different spin on any special day set aside for sex


Over at Tom & Debi have a great site and a passion to help marriages succeed.

Here you will find a few posts about Valentine’s Day


 Jake & Jenn have several good posts but this one strikes a great chord


I also recommend you go to the “Christian Marriage Bloggers Assoc.” to find more insights to make your marriage the best it can be!


Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage as The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

Your Friend and Coach —  Jerry Stumpf


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  • Great compilation of wonderful resources! If I may, OysterBed7 (me), Chris at The Forgiven Wife, and Lori at The Generous Wife are having a joint Valentine’s giveaway. Absolutely no kind of purchase is needed. Readers can use my blog as a starting point. I have all the links in this post: THANK YOU!!!

    • Jerry Stumpf

      I like it! It is good for so many marriage coaches to work together! I will scoot over there and take a peek!

      Keep up the great work!