What presents will you give your wife this year?

shopping-mall-01How about something focused on your wife this year?

So what are you giving your bride this year? Some bloggers have written about very practical gifts.

Are you thinking about yourself or about her when thinking about what to get for her?

I hope I don’t come off as trying to tell you what to get for your wife, I just know that some younger husbands have asked for ideas and creative suggestions for their wife already this year.

So I thought I might share some of these ideas with you.

Here are a few quick guidelines for selecting a gift which tugs at her heart strings.

1 – Stay away from any object that need to be plugged into the wall or requires batteries for the kitchen or is promoted as a wife helper around the house.

Unless your wife has specifically requested a new vacuum cleaner or similar item, husband beware!

Yes, I know you like practical things. But remember she is not you!

 2 – Shy away from traditional gifts such as perfume or lotions again, unless she has hinted or asked for some of these liquids.

Have you noticed how much hand lotion she already has?

Does she have four or five little jars of perfume?

Do a bit of research and see what there seems to be several similar bottles sitting around.

She might need something to splash on herself, but be a bit more creative.

          More on creativity in a moment.

 3 – If you are going to purchase clothing, buy what she wants, not what you want to see her wearing.

Yes she will wear what you buy her, however, this year get her something she really wants to wear if you are giving her some clothes.

 Warning here!  Be sure you check out her specific size and manufacturer. Do not guess. It is also important to see what manufacturer she likes.

The size for women’s clothing varies a lot between designers. A certain size in one blouse is not the same as it is in another manufacturer’s blouse.

This is frustrating as most mens clothing is close to the same in their various sizes.

 man-1205084_19204 – Now, do some reflective thinking. Sit by yourself for a while and consider what your wife has mentioned she would like or perhaps has hinted towards for a while.

Is there something that she has complained about having to do and some creative gift would help her out.

 What does she enjoy doing in her spare time? When she is not chasing the kids or doing some other household work?

Really how does she enjoy spending her spare time? By reflecting on her free time, you might get an inkling of what she would really enjoy but has not asked for.

 Now don’t laugh, but one year I bought my wife a small trailer that gets pulled behind her lawn mower.

Before you get too negative here let me tell you that my wife thoroughly enjoys doing the outside work.

So I noticed that she had to rake leaves each year. I have helped a bit but mostly it is something she enjoys doing.

I did notice that she got sore arms each time so I bought her a trailer that automatically picks up the leaves as she drives.

She really enjoys her trailer.  She does the outside lawn work because that is something she really likes to do.

For many women that would be a terrible gift. For my wife it was perfect and she has thanked me many times. It was not something she ever expected.

Each wife is different so think outside the typical box for her.

5 – So back to your wife. You could give her a specialized romantic love note.

 YOU can write a love note to your wife and frame it. Here are a few ways to carry this out.

Just spend some time to reflect back over the past year or two. If you have to, go down memory lane a bit farther and generate some small tidbits.

 Jot down a couple of pleasant memories you have shared. If you have a little difficulty creating a special poem or story, go to Fiverr.com and in the search box list “poem” or “story” writers.

 Do your homework beforehand and describe what you want included. Give the same assignment to a couple of folks and you decide who did the best job.

Only then should you pay them.  These folks will charge you as little as five dollars to weave your thoughts into a story or poem.

Take the story and place it onto a special piece of paper (you can get from an office supply store) sign it and date it, then frame it.

A personalized poem or story will be appreciated more than a typical general gift.

Another similar idea is to have the poem or story written and make a book with pictures to document your love story.  Several sites will create your book  for you. One such site is  http://www.shutterfly.com.

This post should get your juices flowing a bit. You might take a thought from this post and add to it from the next few. Before you can say December 25th, you will have some ideas this year!

The next post will present a few personalized gifts.

One of these suggestions is the most intimate gift you can possibly give your wife!


Always expect the best for your marriage!  The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

 Jerry Stumpf

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PS – Consider giving your wife a special gift: you as a more romantic husband, which marks this as  the best season you two have ever shared together.

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