You won’t believe this activity to boost your holiday enjoyment – RAOK –

humanitarian-aid-939723_1280How to improve your holidays by RAOK! A great boost to your life!

RAOK stands for “Random Acts Of Kindness”.

 Our grown daughter in Arkansas was part of an exciting ladies event that took the place of their traditional “Holiday Party”.
Be sure you reply and give me your ideas for this wonderful special activity!
Theses ladies took the money their church gives for the sisters to get together each year and they did something extra special;  they made a huge number of other people “richer”, but not just with a few dollars here and there.

In bullet form I will list out some of the activities they had fun doing:

(there is a lot more to each point, I am simply giving the highlights to generate some ideas for you this year – free examples for you to try follow this list)

  • They paid $50.49  at Wal-Mart layaway on a kids bike (the 49 cents was because they were told there needs to be at least a penny left to keep it in layaway)
  • They gave a cook at a small coffee-shop style restaurant a $30 tip. The reason they choose the cook is because another group of their ladies had just come by and paid everyone’s check and gave the server a sizable tip
  • They helped a man drive across the state to a friends because some domestic violence where he was staying got a bit more intense then he could handle. He told Kristen that he did not know how he would get to his destination until these ladies gave him the money. A couple of the ladies in the car gave a few extra dollars when they found out his plight.
  • They paid for a car at McDonald’s, to find out it was a BMW! Then the driver of the BMW decided to pay it forward and paid for the next two cars in line! The ladies were very excited to see they had actually blessed three customers.
  • They took coffee and homemade cookies to the firehouse (at 7:30 PM) to say thank you for their serving. You could include the police, a hospital, nursing home, ???
  • They did these all in one night with a bit of creative juices flowing to bless others!

Additional ideas that require no money (or almost none) could include:

  • Sending a card to someone you know, who has extra problems this time of year due to losing a loved one or some other personal trauma.
  • Going to visit someone who is alone or a couple who cannot travel.
  • Use your laptop, tablet or cell phone to bless an older couple who may not have technology to connect with a family member in another state or country.
  • Use your laptop, tablet or cell phone to get a family in touch with a service member in their family who is overseas on deployment.
  • Make a phone call to someone who is “under the weather” and shut in.
  • Pick up a person’s groceries or a prescription for a friend. Some pharmacies provide this service and yet some do not.
  • Make a CD of special songs for someone and give it to them.
  • Give a “Thank You!” card to your first responders – fire, police, EMT, hospital staff, ???
  • Give a “Thank You! card to service men and women.
  • This is not free – pay for a meal for one of the two lists above.
  • Help a friend do some shopping or run errands.
  • Babysit for a couple who struggles to find adequate care for their children.

There are tons of innovative ideas to choose from.

The most important concept is to try some of these or invent your own.

Give this a try and feel how wonderful it is to share yourself with other persons in a non-threatening fashion.

Be sure to share your ideas with us! 

Always Expect The Best In Your Marriage  since The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

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  • Excellent ideas!

    Several years we took a variety of edible goodies to a local fire station or EMS. One year they pulled out on a call just before we got there. The place was empty, but it being a small town the door to the room where they hung out was unlock, so we left the food and they never knew where it came from. Our son was 19 at the time, and he loved it!